Painted Eyes

If you’ve taken a look at the various patterns I currently have, you may have noticed some of the EZEYEFLY offerings have painted eyes.  You’re probably wondering what’s up with that.   After making the hook eyes bigger, it made  sense to me to make it a part of the fly.  I’ve played around with dozens of color combinations.   Some, like the yellow humpies, have made me think “wow” after I completed the first iteration on my vise.   I honestly feel that the painted eyes can produce more strikes.   One, most trout have probably never seen it before.  As far as I know, EZEYEFLY have the only painted hook eyes on the market.  Secondly, I truly feel that it makes the fly look more like a real bug with the painted eye being the head.   I’m working on some flies that will soon be available that really fit that role, the yellow-painted eye of the Dave’s hopper pattern comes to mind.  And lastly, the EZEYEFLY painted eye patterns make it even easier to tie onto your line.  I’ve used the painted light Cahill pattern late into the day because the white eye is easy to thread, even under extremely low light conditions.
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