Q. What's the real difference between EZEYEFLY flies and traditional flies?

A. The main difference is that EZEYEFLY flies are tied on hooks with large eyes for easier threading of the tippet. The flies are tied with top-of-the-line materials so you get a quality fly that just happens to be easier to use.

Q. Those eyes look big. Are you certain that the trout won't be spooked?

A. That was our main concern at EZEYEFLY. We've been providing flies tied on our large-eyed hooks to trout anglers for over four years now. To an angler, they all agree that the trout don't care.

Q. Do the larger eyes affect how the dry flies float?

A. A great question. EZEYEFLY flies have been in use for several years now and there have been no observable issues or complaints with how they float.

Q. Why the painted eyes?

A. With those large eyes, it made sense to make them a part of the fly pattern. To us at EZEYEFLY, those eyes, in addition to being easy to thread, take on the added benefit of being the fly's head.

Q. Why are EZEYEFLY hooks barbless?

A. With the ever-increasing stress to our natural resources, we at EZEYEFLY fully endorse catch-and-release fishing. Releasing trout caught is best accomplished via barbless hooks.

Q. I'm a fly tier - can I buy your large eye hooks and tie my own?

A. Yes, we now sell EZEYEFLY hooks!

Q. Where do you ship?

A. Worldwide! We simply have different ways of doing so depending on where you are. Check out our Shipping Info for more.

Q. What's your Return Policy?

A. We offer a 30-Day Return Policy, which you can read more about here.

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