My name is Randy Schademann and I started EZEYEFLY.  I grew up on a small farm in northeast Nebraska. I cannot imagine a better way to have grown up.  

Randy's Farm

Hard, but with so many rewards.  One of those was fishing. We had the Elkhorn River and a number of lakes basically as our backyard.  It wasn’t fly fishing back then—largely standard gear for catfish, bass and panfish.


I began fly fishing after I graduated from college.  I enjoy the combination of natural surroundings (usually in the mountains), the challenge of presenting a fly to a moving target, and the camaraderie of like-minded souls.   

"I know grasping fly fishing basics can be intimidating for newcomers."

Some aspects, like threading a tippet to a standard-sized eye, can become a larger challenge as we age.   


I started EZEYEFLY to make fly fishing easier and more efficient from anyone’s perspective.  We offer flies tied on large-eyed hooks. I’ve had a small cadre of fly fishing friends using these big-eyed flies for years and we are all convinced that the trout don’t care.  The easier-to-see eyes make it easy to tie whether you’re in low light conditions are just starting to have trouble seeing things that small. They’re also great for beginners who aren’t so interested in the actual tying of the fly to the line - more in the experience of catching with the fly you’ve tied. Our EZEYEFLY flies are hand-tied by people who take pride in their work. We also use only the highest quality material in our flies. After all - fly fishing is about the fishing, isn’t it?

Hundreds, and by now probably thousands of trout have been caught using EZEYEFLY gear. I’m convinced that the trout don’t care. Why should anyone fight threading on flies tied on traditional hooks? 

Thanks for stopping by.




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