Adams Parachute

Product image 1Adams Parachute Easy-to-Tie Dry Fly, large eyelet fly fishing tie from EZEYEFLY
Product image 2Adams Parachute
Product image 3Adams Parachute
Product image 4Adams Parachute

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Yet another Adams variant in our EZEYEFLY easy to tie line of dry flies, and one that should definitely be in both beginners and seasoned anglers fly boxes, is the Adams Parachute.  We like using this fly in the early morning and late evening or in rough water (such as in a riffle or in a lake that has some chop on it). The tuft of white really makes the fly visible and much easier to see the rise. Traditional parachute patterns can be difficult to tie as the hackle often occludes the eye. Not with the EZEYEFLY hook. You’ll be able to easily tie the fly given EZEYEFLY’s big eyelets even in those low-light hours so you can spend more time fishing and catching.


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At EZEYEFLY, we support sustainable and cruelty-free-as-can-be fishing. That's why all our flies come barbless, so that the hook goes in and comes out for catch-and-release fishing.

EZEYEFLY easy-tie flies were developed by Randy, our resident expert, with both a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Fisheries Biology. Previously working as a Fisheries Management Biologist in Kansas, and now serving in the EPA.

What makes EZEYEFLY flies so special is the drastically increased size in the eye. We've beefed it up without drastically increasing on fly weight, and no noticeable difference on the take. Spend less time rigging and more time fishing.


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