Caddis Tent Wing Flat

Product image 1Caddis Tent Wing  Flat
Product image 2Caddis Tent Wing  Flat
Product image 3Caddis Tent Wing  Flat

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Many anglers don’t carry a tent wing version of the caddis fly.  We think that’s a mistake. One, because many anglers don’t carry them, most trout haven’t seen one.  And two, these patterns look crazy buggy. When you hook a trout or two on one of these flies, the tent wing will most likely get torn or shredded.  Keep fishing it. I often get more rises on the damaged fly, well, cause to a trout it looks damaged and therefore easier to get. And guess what, the EZEYEFLY big eye is there for easier tying to the tippet.


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At EZEYEFLY, we support sustainable and cruelty-free-as-can-be fishing. That's why all our flies come barbless, so that the hook goes in and comes out for catch-and-release fishing.

EZEYEFLY easy-tie flies were developed by Randy, our resident expert, with both a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Fisheries Biology. Previously working as a Fisheries Management Biologist in Kansas, and now serving in the EPA.

What makes EZEYEFLY flies so special is the drastically increased size in the eye. We've beefed it up without drastically increasing on fly weight, and no noticeable difference on the take. Spend less time rigging and more time fishing.


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